Downloading Videos from Church Websites

LDSMediaTalk has posted an article about downloading videos from Church websites.


Learn more from the “Downloading LDS Videos from Church Websites” article.


Best Practices for Internet Access at Church

LDSTech posted an article describing some best practices for improving Internet access at the Church building and ensuring each user has a better experience. Some tips include downloading content and installing updates before going to the building, as well as using mobile data instead of wireless Internet whenever possible.


Check out LDSTech’s post for more details.

RootsTech 2015

Starting this Wednesday, February 11, persons from all over the United States will gather in Salt Lake City for a very large family history and technology conference. The conference is RootsTech, and has become one of the most popular family history conferences in the nation. As part of RootsTech, the Innovator’s Summit addresses emerging technology options for family history work. The main sessions of RootsTech focus heavily on current technologies and how to use them for family history work.

To learn more or to watch live broadcasts of RootsTech sessions, visit

Multiple Technology Sites

Don’t forget to browse around the Internet for various websites dedicated to LDS technology and helping users learn more.

Here are some to peruse:

So take a browse around and see what’s out there.

(Nothing in this post is an endorsement of any particular website or group.)